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Production: MNK Movies
Cast: Puneeth Rajkumar, Rashmika ,Ramya Krishna, Mukhesh Rishi , Ravishankar, Chikkanna,Sadhu Kokila, Giri
Direction: Harsha.A
Stunts: Ravi Verma, Vijay
Dialogues: Chethan Kumar and Raghu 
Music: Ravi Basrur.



Director Harsha who is known to name his movies with synonyms of Lord Hanuman like Bhajarangi, Vajrakaaya has now come up with the film Anjaniputra and this time he has Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar in the lead.

After a Industry Hit ‘Raajakumara’, Puneeth is back to entertain the audience through a Mass movie. So how did this new combo of Harsha and Puneeth Work out? Let’s check out.

As Said, this movie is a Commercial package and is a remake of Tamil Hit Movie Poojai Starring Vishal.

It has all the elements of being called as a Mass cinema with no Qualms. It has heaps of supporting actors to pitch in the emotional quotient, in demand Comedians to evoke laughter, Formulaic 5 songs for music lovers, Eye catching Fights for Mass public and dialogues which play to the gallery.


Talking about the story, Puneeth Rajkumar Saves the ACP (Ravi Shankar) from a Fatal attack, and comes in the way of a contract killer. This leads to Misconceptions, coincidences & the consequences lead to form the crux of the story of Anjani putra. If you are too inquisitive as to why do our hero save the ACP, you need to watch the movie on silver screen.


Puneeth brings his Macho image on screen and delivers the role with ease. He looks tough and gives out subtle expressions which are his strength and he has oozed out energy in each and every scene. Rashmi Mandanna as his love interest plays a good natured, jaunty girl next door and delivers a good performance.

Supporting Artistes led by Ramya Krishna, Ravi Shankar do their job neat and adds value to the movie. Chikkanna,Sadhu Kokila & Giri Comedy has worked out well but in some scenes it looks forced.



Couple of songs are hummable and back ground music has worked out big-time. Ravi Basrur is on a roll here after the success of Mufti and Kataka.Ravi Verma and Vijay choreographed Stunt Sequences are feast for the action lovers.

DOP, Swamy has done a neat job, while Deepu’s editing is sharp. Chethan Kumar’s dialogues are tailor made for Puneeth fans and do gets applause from them in the theatres.


Though this is a remake movie Director Harsha has made required changes and also chopped unwanted sequences from the original while filming this mass and family entertainer. He has cooked a pure commercial film, which goes very well with Appu fans and the ones who love Action Genre Films .

The First half of the film is very engaging and entertaining, but the second half could have been better. Though the film plot is quite familiar, the screenplay is engaging and keep you entertained throughout with right mixture of action, comedy and emotions.


Overall, it is a Paisa Vasool Mass Entertainer. 

Rating - 3.5/5

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