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Rambo - An Unmissable Laugh Riot

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After Pyaarge aagbittaithe it was Mane Thanka baare which set the music charts on fire with people going crazy over the song. The song had created so much interest among the moviegoers that a grand opening was an obvious guess.

But the question was with Sharan in Lead and mostly newbie's or not so famous names being part of the crew, Will the movie stand up to the expectation or will it turn out to be one more damp squib with just good tunes. The answer is YES it has stood up to the expectations or even surpassed the expectations of many to prove the fact that it doesn take high budget or well named stars to deliver a good movie, a good script and neat narration is all it takes.

By not just relying on one liners or piling up a sequence of comedy scenes this one has a very interesting storyline with a hint of suspense associated that would keep the audience to the edge of their seat while still making them laugh.The movie is a laugh riot from the word go and tries to keep the momentum going until the credit rolls.

Trying not to spoil the party for the one's who ll be watching here is a small insight to the movie. Sharan is a car dealer, basically a fraud in disguise who has his own way (Rambo) of buying cars from the owners which the buyer wishes to. Naani is his uncle/partner in the business while Umashri plays his mothers role. Madhuri plays his love interest who is about to get married to sharan. When all is well Naani comes up with one last car deal that changes the course of their life leading them into all sorts of trouble which they struggle hard to overcome to finally end the movie on a positive note.

The first half is lively, filled with loads of laughter while the second half packs both sentiment and comedy. The sequences between sharan, naani and umashri is sure to tickle ur funny bone and the timing of the dialogue delivery is impeccable. Naani shares equal screen presence with Sharan in the first half and takes equal credit. Starting off as a comedy movie the movie slowly starts turning into a suspense thriller keeping the momentum going. The interval leaves the audience wait eagerly for the second half.

Second half starts with the entry of Saadhu and Rangayana Raghu to quadraple the fun. But that is short lived as the movie switches to the emotional lane. This is where Sharan starts to impress as a complete actor and not just a comedian. His expressions are awesome and the patho song is a mirror to the talent hidden inside him. While sharan impresses, the pace of the movie slowly drops and before u think that the fun was all over the last 15 mins lifts the entire movie to a whole new level.
Saadhu and Ranghayana Raghu leaves u laughing the hell out and walks away with complete credit.

All the characters in the movie has a role to play where their talent is effectively utilized.The retro songs used in the background in various sequences has worked out really well.The director M.S. Srinath has done a commendable job putting up a great cast and giving them oppurtunity to prove their worth. Maadhuri looks gorgeous on screen and she is limited just to do that. Picturisation of songs is another major plus point. Mane Thanka and jaya Jaya Jacket are brilliantly choreographed with superb steps by sharan. If there is someone who hasnt been mentioned till now then that is Arjun Janya the true hero behind the screen. With tunes that made the crowd come to theatres,the BGM makes them stay till the very end. The background music is apt and adds the extra punch to the comedy  sequences

With hardly few negatives which can easily be ignored this is a surprise package loaded with Entertainment which makes it worth the money and even more.

A must watch. 4/5