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ineloka had a short Conversation with Darling Krishna aka Sunil Nagappa for a short Chat about #CHARLIE Recently. With the Movie releasing this Thursday (Sep 17) on the Occasion of Ganesh Chathurti, Let’s see what Krishna had to say about our Questions.

1. After Madarangi, you have done a lot of movies even though Charlie was supposed to be your second venture. Now, that it is finally slated for release; what do you have to say about the Movie?

Some movies are wrapped up quickly within 9 months of their announcement and some take time. Between Madarangi and Charlie, I have shot for many movies like Mumbai, Local Train, Huccha 2, Dodmane Hudga, Rudrathandava and others. Though, I was involved in all those flicks, my mind was always towards CHARLIE. We have done this with a lot of love and affection. Naturally, Expectations are high from our side. One of the distributors who saw this was very happy and took it up for distribution. He also offered me another movie after this, complementing my fights and dance.

2. How different is your character in this movie compared to Madarangi?

In Madarangi, I had a character that was well composed and the movie also had such a good supporting star cast. Henceforth, dependency on me was quite less to be frank. But, Coming to Charlie, Entire movie rests on my shoulders till the last frame. Charlie makes you laugh; it makes you cry at times. It has ample scope for dances, fights and on a whole it’s a complete entertainment package. A movie for all the age groups, especially treat for the masses. Thanks to Shivu for etching such a role for me.

3. Why the movie release was delayed for quite a long time?

I had a lot of commitments to fulfill before wrapping this Movie. Then, I was suffering from severe back pain. Though, it did not stop me from shooting, I had to take medicine and then do it. It took many months to recover completely. Along with some financial problems, the post production work also took some time. More CG Work was needed than what we had expected. Nevertheless, all is well and we are back with a Good Product for the Audience. That’s what matters the most.

4. Even though your name is "darling" Krishna you seem to be choosing more action commercial films than lover boy roles. Any Particular reasons for the same?

“I love doing action oriented films, but it’s not that I have been choosing them compulsorily. The stories I have heard are usually action oriented and it’s the people who ask for it. They say it would suit my image and I have the capacity to do it. Though the movies are action oriented, Body mannerisms in them will be completely different. For example, Both Charlie and Huccha are action oriented movies. The characterization and the mannerisms carried out in both movies cannot be related to each other. However, in my upcoming venture with Jayanna combines, I do play a lover boy role but still there will be 5 action sequences” smiles Krishna.

5. You did a cameo in Rudrathandava and now doing the same for Dodmane Hudga. What you had to say about it?

Rudrathandava character was really good. Though it lasted for 12 minutes, the character was powerful with couple of action and love scenes. I am doing Dodmane Hudga, mainly for Suri. I had worked as assistant under him. He is my guru and also Appu sir had asked me if I could take up this role. I cannot say no to both of them irrespective of what the role is.

6. Tell us something about your upcoming releases.

Huccha-2 shooting is completed and we are planning for October or November release. Another movie, 50 percent shoot for Mumbai is completed. Almost 25 days shoot is remaining. 90 percent shoot for Local Train is completed. And a movie each for Jayanna and N Kumar is on cards.

7. Why the Kannada Audience should watch Charlie? What’s special about it?

As I already said before, this will entertain people of all ages. The presentation is very neat with no vulgarity or dual meaning dialogues. We passed the censor with no cuts. There are 5 action sequences with natural fights which are going to be a treat for masses.

8. Have you tried anything different with the dance steps in this Movie?

I am not a natural dancer. I started it after 25 years so that I could get into the industry. But, since then I have been improvising in each and every movie to serve audience with something different every time. Hope I would meet Audience Expectations in near future.

9. What are your criteria, while choosing a movie? Is it the character or the entire story?

For me the main criterion is how the director narrates the movie, when he meets me for the first time. The flow should be good and I should be happy listening to it. If am happy, I’ll do it or else, I won’t. No second hearing at all.

10. There is always a chance that the story narrated is not exactly same as the final output? Is it the same in the case of Charlie?

I have worked as assistant director for this movie. A lot of discussion has gone through before writing or changing each and every scene. My involvement in this is almost double than Madarangi. And even now after the announcement of release date, I have made myself free for almost 25 days with no commitments to involve in the publicity of the same. I have even postponed songs shoot for Mumbai as I wanted to give my 100% for Charlie.

So that was Darling Krishna opening up with us regarding his next release Charlie. We wish him all the very best and hope this becomes another successful movie like Madarangi.


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