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Firstly we would like to Thank one of the Ace Music Directors of KFI Anoop Seelin for making time for Cineloka for an exclusive Interview. And a special thanks from the entire Cineloka members aside for taking time and answering their questions. Below are the few questions put forth my our members to Anoop

1. Who is more comfortable to work with?? Top directors like Guru Prasad or the new comers.
Anoop: Personally, I feel, working with top directors is bit challenging and interesting And working with newcomers provides me an opportunity to experiment with new type of compositions, which can be a trendsetter.
Having said that, end of the day, it's a new learning experience working with both type of directors, which will help me to provide good and quality songs, according to what the script demands

2. We know you were a singer befor becoming music director .. U sing in many of ur movies now too.. WHich one is ur favourite?? SInging or composing music...
Anoop: I love composing music...:)
3. If the question arises about who should sing the song, when do u feel that only ur voice can make justice to the composition... Liked ur voice in Yeddelu Majunatha and Madarangi..
Anoop: Good question. Your question has an answer in it. Would love to sing for movies where the situation and team demands for it...
Ultimately, the call will be taken by director to choose a singer. And, if he chooses me, will make sure to get his opinion/justification for choosing me than other singers...! If not, personally will suggest others to sing.
4. Which is your favourite Music Genre
Anoop: Being a music composer, I don't limit for any particular genre.
Love to hear all kind of songs...However, according to me, Melody is always the King

5. Who is your favourite Music Director.
Anoop: The legend of Kannada Music, Hamsaleka Sir and A R Rahman Sir!
Whats your priority when accepting a movie?
Anoop: As a composer, if I feel the script is good, then justifying to that script with quality music is my priority!
Having said that, i don't claim that all the script that I do is great. Ups and downs are part and parcel in our life
1. Being a music director would you hear the complete stopry of the movie before composing the tune?? or just the situation of the song and compose the tune.
Anoop: Yes. I give preference to hear complete story before composing music.
Next, will make sure to read the entire script before recording a song. And there are few instances where the songs are changed according to script.
The best examples are, the latest one "Darling Darling from the movie Madarangi" followed by Ellello Ooduva Manase from Sidlingu, Prapanchave Devaru from Eddelu Manjunatha, Devare Aagaada nin na Mahimeya Kadalu from Directors Special- to name few
2. If the director has no particular requirement but comes and tells - give me a Patho song, give me a romantic song or give me emotional song - will you be able to do it.
Yes, it's possible.
But, Personally I feel, it adds justice to compose a song if you listen to entire script!

1. Some of the BGMs/Tunes - that you have composed are very emotional - example in Goolo... Madarangi.. Manasalogy.. etc .. want to know - how do u come up with such tunes.. I feel u are gifted
Anoop: Yes. Each and every human being is gifted with something. Its upto them how they accept the gift and take it forward. And in my case, I am proud to say that composing unique music is one of the god gift and I must attribute this to my success
2. Have you ever cried while re recording of any of the movies - for any of the scenes.
Anoop: Goodman, it's an interesting question! Yes. I did. While doing back ground music for Eddelu Manjunatha during climax portion. Recently, while working for Director's special climax

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