Hearty Congratulations to you and the entire "Simple aag ond love story" team for the overwhelming response you have got for the feeler that was released a couple of weeks back... With over 200,000 views and still counting , the feeler has been applauded by each and everyone..


1. We have seen songs becoming viral on internet but this is the first time we have seen a first look/ feeler of the movie becoming a huge hit... How do you feel about this success??

Definitely it feels great. To be frank we never expected it. We had not even planned to share it on the net or YouTube while shooting it. It was made solely to show it to the press on Muhoorta so that they get some confidence in us and know what kind of a product we as a team can deliver. It was only a day before we left to Coorg for shoot, Suni decided to upload the teaser on the net. I was still skeptical about it because I thought it would be too early to share it as we had only started shooting but now looking at the response, I am overwhelmed. At the same time, it scares me because the expectation from this movie is built too high. We are giving our best anyway :-)

2. Did you expect such kind of a response?? How was the team reaction....

No. Not as much as we have received. We knew people will like it but never imagined that it will cross 2 lakh views on YouTube in 20 days. Never expected that the trailer will be on everyone's mobile phone in 2 weeks. There are times when people stop me to wish me and I get surprised to see how they know every dialogue by heart. All credit goes to Suni for writing such wonderful stuff. The team is extremely happy with the response.

3. Could you please take us through the technical crew and cast of "Simple aag ond Love story"

Ye sure. The film is Written and Directed by Suni. He is extremely talented when it comes to dialogues. Very down to earth. Manohar m8gashi is handling the camera. He is my partner in crime since last 4 years. We have shot two independent films together which was Directed by me and hence share a very good rapport. He is technically very sound and mind blowing when it comes to framing and colors. He can even make me look good on screen :-P Bharath BJ is composing the Music. You must have heard his small bit composition in the end of the teaser. He did it in few hours and it has come out so well. Sachin Ravi is editing the film and also he is the colorist and vfx artist. He is one of the youngest and strongest pillar in the team. Technically very sound and he knows what exactly he wants and why. And there are Assistant and Associate Directors, Assistant Cinematographers who are always on the toes while shooting. A young bunch of talented and sportive guys. Harish Mahadev, Vijeth Gowda, Siddu, Abhishek M are in the direction team, and Preetham Tegginamane and Pradeep Kumar in the Cinematography team. Darshan Kanaka is handling the production and Hemanth is producing the film.

4. It was amazing to see a complete story told in just 8 mins... How much relevance will the feeler have with the movie... is it the same story or entirely different one... If different what would be the storyline

Now this is a bit difficult to explain. The scenes what you have seen in the teaser will be different in the film. In the film, there are three stories which comes in three different seasons. Our looks changes in every story but we could not achieve all this in the teaser because it was shot in 2 days. And in 8 mins, it is difficult to convey all three stories. Not just that, revealing the story can be a spoiler too. So the scenes what you see in the teaser can be from any of the three stories. But over all the feel of the film is same as the teaser.

5. The comedy and the double meaning dialogues have received rave responses and has been the highlight of the feeler... Will this have effect on the original script, would this encourage the team to add on a few more such dialogues...

No. Our script was freezed even before the teaser was uploaded. There is no changes made in the script because of the response. Improvisations are definitely made while shooting but that has nothing to do with the response. We had made improvisations even when we shot the teaser and it actually worked out.

6. Though your acting was applauded, the debut movie failed to make a mark... Now back with a bang, how much important is this movie for you....

Ye. Tuglak din't do well at the box office. I had put a lot of efforts even there. It was a weird subject with a weird character to play and I gave my best. Many did not understand what I did and many who did appreciated my hardwork. Many thought I was a weirdo in real life too. Ha ha. So after Tuglak, I was very clear that I had to do a simple subject. A boy next door kind of character where people can relate with me. At the same time, I din't want to do regular love stories too. Now beggars can't be choosers but I was one beggar who begged to be a chooser :-) I did come across many scripts but nothing that I found interesting until I met Suni. I was very happy when he narrated me the story. It was exactly the kind of subject I was looking for. The response for the trailer was an added boon on top of it. If this movie makes a mark then I will get more freedom to experiment as an actor. So fingers crossed :-)

7. You have been part of 3 movies till now... nam areal ondina, Tuglak and "SImple aag ond love story" ... How do u describe ur journey till now...

Nam Areal Ondina was the first time I had ever faced the camera. I had done theaters before that but never acted for the camera. I was very shy and had come with an over weighed baggage of nervousness. When Aravind took my audition, I had rejected myself before he selected me. I was surprised by his decision. But he thought I could act if I let go my fear. He trained me when ever he was free. He used to call me middle of the night sometimes and ask me to enact a scene. And by the time we went for the shoot, I was like all ready and most of my shots were approved in one take. Nam Arealondina gave me a lot of exposure when it came to film making too. I had only 7 scenes in the film but I was always on the set even when I had nothing to do there. I learnt a lot from Aravind and Ashok Kashyap there as an actor and as an amateur film maker. I shot a no budget independent film called 'Lets Kill Gandhi' after that. The trailer can be found on YouTube.

After that we started working on Tuglak. As I said earlier, Tuglak was a weird character and I had lot of home work to do. The best part of working with Aravind is, he is an actor himself. He exactly knows what he wants from his actors and he can make anyone act. The shoot got completed even before we realized. People got to know my dancing abilities through it. Though it din't do great in theaters, I am thankful to that film because I got an offer for Simple Aag ond love story because of it. Suni liked my performance in it and he decided to cast me.

Simple aag ond love story is like a holiday. We just finished our first schedule and here I had to play myself. The dialogues were treat to both the actors and we enjoyed acting. The whole crew is so young and we all are having a gala time.

8. Your future projects....

I just finished shooting an independent Cinema Short called 'Confessions of a Dustbin'. I Directed it and Manohar m8gashi did the cinematography again. It was shot on Red MX. It is in English and Kannada and right now in post production. Paramvah Entertainment in association with Aadhitya Visuals produced the film. We have plans of taking it to International film festivals as well as release it in multiplexes. If 30 minutes short film culture starts here in multiplexes of Bangalore, then many talented film makers will get a chance to showcase their talent and I think the industry will get benefited by it.

Now since we are done with the first schedule of Simple Aag Ond Love Story, we have a break of 3 to 4 weeks before we start with the second schedule. I and Shwetha are supposed to loose weight in this time. So I am taking this as an opportunity to go for a cycle ride all over Karnataka, cover around 2000 kms and shoot a documentary on the go. Cover different places of Karnataka and its culture. It will serve the purpose of me loosing weight and at the same time will be productive too. Karnataka has such a vast culture and our commercial films have not explored it at all. So it is time to know my State better.

And when it comes to main stream, that is Kannada feature, I have heard few subjects but I don't want to talk about it as long as anything materializes.

9. Could you please let us know about yourself.. childhood, hobbies etc etc ...

Well I am born and brought up in Udupi. Did my Schooling, Pre University there. Finished my BE in Electronics and Communication from Nitte. After Engineering, I moved to Bangalore and worked in an IT company called 'Symphony Services' for almost 2 years. I loved stage plays, dancing and all cultural activities since childhood which I even continued after coming to Bangalore. I joined a theater group called Darpana and Sanchari as I was working and started doing theaters. Also Directed and Acted in couple of ammeter short films then.

I am a voracious reader and sometimes take privilege of writing too. I like to think that I am intelligent and a philosopher too. Most of the times, I talk to myself and forget the world around me. I like to be with friends when I am happy and be alone when I am sad or upset. I like to watch world cinema all alone and commercial cinema with friends. I watch films, breathe films, think films and dream films. If not films, I would die doing nothing :-P

10. Which is your favorite movie in Kannada and world cinema... Any dream role that you would love to play??

My favorite movie in Kannada is Manasa Sarovara, Ondhu muttina kathe, Om, A, Upendra, Kasturi nivasa, Bangarada manushya, Babruvahana (never get bored of it), Amrita varshini, America America, Muttina haara, Ondanondu Kaladalli etc among the old ones. Among the new ones I like Aadinagalu, Gulabi Talkies, Kanasemba Kudureyanneri, Lifu Istene, Siddlingu.

I have a big list of world cinema but the top one are The City of God, Cinema Paradiso, The Prestige, The God Father 1&2, Kagemusha, Roshomon, A Saperation, Scarface, Raging Bull etc

My dream dream role if any would be Anthonio Montana of Scarface and Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean...

11. Your female fans would be eager to know if the handsome hunk Rakshith is still "single, ready to mingle" or in "its too complicated" status.... :P what would you say...

He he. Female fans? Do I really have any? But ye I am committed to films for now and it is going smooth. Can't think of anything else other than films. I am scared of commitments. Not sure if I can live up to expectations which evolve in a relationship. I want to give my complete time to films as long as possible. So I am not looking for a relationship.

11. Childhood crush on any actress??/ ;) who is you favourite heroine now....

I had a huge crush on Sridevi when I was a chid. And then Aishwarya Rai as I grew older. She is more like a goddess to me.I like Trisha and Geneliya from other south indian languages. I think I have a crush on Ramya even now. Please don't kill me :-P

12. Its a great pleasure to have you on our forum and thanks a ton for the interview.. and lastly do u have anything to say for our members....

Pleasure is mine. I love interacting with people on the forums as well as outside. I like to know their thoughts because ultimately they are the ones whom we are supposed to entertain. Moreover, Cineloka is a hard core Kannada film fan forum which is the best place for me to be, to understand what people like and where I am going wrong. I would like to thank all the members who have showed so much of support during Tuglak and even now. Keep posting and keep the healthy environment alive in the forum like it has always been :-)

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