Expectations from the Audio of RAATE are simply gigantic and the main reason is the super-hit combination of V.Harikrishna – AP Arjun.  Both of their earlier ventures AMBAARI & ADDHURI had the luxury of High Quality Classy Music, which turned out to be the Main highlights for the movie. So, let’s check out whether this would be another Musical treat from the Hit combo.


  1. Rattipata Raate : Vani HariKrishna, Santhosh Venki ; Lyrics : AP Arjun

The Album starts on a Positive Note with the Title Track ‘Rattipata Raate’, aimed at the masses, which spices and lightens up the proceedings. This peppy Number with its superb catchy rhythm grips the listener’s attention instantly. Vani & Santhosh’s excellent rendition adds to the fun. AP Arjun has done a good job of providing apt words for this kickass Mass Number.

  1. Raja Rani : Santhosh Venki; Lyrics : AP Arjun

HK comes out with another winner ‘Raja Rani', which offers a very fresh and youthful tune, Musical arrangements that lightens up the mood nicely supported with superb lyrics by AP Arjun. The rendition too is flawless with Santhosh doing extremely well. 

  1. Jodakki : Kiccha Sudeep; Lyrics : AP Arjun

One of those songs that do spring a Pleasant surprise is ‘Jodakki’, an excellent soulful track rendered exceptionally well by All-rounder Kiccha Sudeep, whose base voice suits the tempo of the song perfectly. Minimum & apt usage of Musical instruments conveys the desired effect. Arjun’s emotional lyrics add to the beauty of the song.

  1. Nanna Bennalina : Sonu Nigam; Lyrics : Yograj Bhat

King of Melody, Sonu Nigam proves yet again why he is the best in business with another Romantic Number ‘Nanna Bennalina’, as Sonu’s haunting background humming and heartfelt vocals carries the listeners to a Romantic world and leaves an everlasting impact even after it ends. HK provides a classic touch to the song with a soft & sweet melodious music yet again. YB deserves a pat on his back for outstanding lyrics, which is of course an Icing on the cake. A sure shot Chartbuster all the way.

  1. Raja Rani (Female) : Shreya Ghoshal; Lyrics : AP Arjun

Here comes the Female version of ‘Raja Rani’, sung by none other than Shreya Ghoshal.  Her melodious crooning is a listener’s delight, which can’t be expressed in words. The background orchestrations are in perfect harmony with the mood of the song. A perfect Melodious Number

  1. Devaru Illada : Santhosh Venki; Lyrics : AP Arjun

The album ends with a short Melodious track ‘Devaru Illada’. The song might be a very short one, but may be important with the context of the movie. Santhosh’s soft Vocals are pleasing to ears and Arjun’s lyrics are once again simple and effective.

To conclude, Audio of RAATE brings Sandalwood’s mainstream music to ears that has melodic flavor coupled with subjective substance in it. HariKrishna justifies his tag of Sandalwood’s Leading composer with another excellent album this year after a series of chartbuster albums – AMBAREESHA, BAHADDUR, SIDDHARTHA, MR&MRS RAMACHARI, VAASTUPRAKARA.

RAATE is another feather in the cap of HK, and its popular music should be enough to draw the audience to theaters in huge numbers. 

Album is worth Buying. Go and get your Copy Soon without a second thought.

Cineloka Rates  - 9/10

- Marthish.S

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